1. dontkillthemessenger

    Alexa Ray is going to spit on her father when she sees this pic.

  2. That girl is one hyphenated name away from a law firm.

  3. Christie looks good for 60 years old…but that’s not really a high bar, now is it?

  4. so THIS is the daughter that got the looks

  5. donkeylicks

    You could have at least thrown in her middle name too

  6. Meshuggah Tits

    Sailor’s 15, which makes her 3 years younger than the woman with whom her father cheated on her mom. Ew.

  7. blerg

    Sailor Lee… which costume/power is that again?

  8. fred

    “Look everyone-this is the hot one. I told you all that Billy was the problem.”

  9. MFer

    Christie is still hotter than the kid.

  10. Oh sweet mother-daughter threesome.

  11. heey

    Where is her son Skipper?

  12. cc

    Insert requisite Chris Hansen joke.

  13. Now are all those names really her or did the reporter write down ALL the names grandma spouted trying to remember her name.

  14. Matt

    Um, does Christie have her hand on her daughter’s ass? Where’s a reflective surface when you really need one?

  15. Ah, damn it! I’m at that age now where confused boner finds both attractive, discovers the daughter is 15 (?!) and the shame from that is the only thing that gives me staying power.

  16. Wow. Sailor’s beautiful. She could become a model like her mom.

  17. richie


  18. “So then I went and made this other daughter, and when she was born I was like ‘Phew, okay, I still got it’

  19. Daughter reminds me a little bit of a young Katie Couric.

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