1. dontkillthemessenger

    I’ve always wanted to try Transatlantic stalking.

  2. yeah sweetie, they make all of us smile.

  3. Even her bellybutton is cute.

  4. The Pope

    “Oh, ‘sweater puppies’! I just got that!”

  5. JC

    Oxymoron- ox·y·mo·ron noun
    : a crop top turtleneck sweater.

  6. richie


  7. That sweater comes down to the knees of a flat-chested girl

  8. Sweater puppies.

  9. cc

    There’s a lot to love there…and I’d love every last inch of it.

  10. “How are mummie’s babies today? Soft and round and plump? Yes they are! Yes they are! Who’s going to be in a bikini shoot at some point today? You two are, my sweet little boobiekins! Muah, muah, muah…”

  11. I usually don’t advocate marriage under any circumstances, but I’d wife this woman so hard.

  12. Zim wha tray what? oooh BOOBIES!!!

  13. She has a PhD-level understanding of sweaters.

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