1. Odbarc

    When does Dakota’s nude scenes leak?

  2. broduhjenner

    um, what is she doing? does vivica realize that’s a human, not a hamburger?

  3. Caucasian watching isn’t very exciting, but it beats F****** tennis.

  4. can you pick out the person who has been talking non-stop since the match started?

  5. wojr

    Vivica is 99% sure that she is sitting next to Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke.

  6. farrellthib

    I pay for these high dollar seats and end up next to loud mouth whites!!

  7. Eejut

    Girl, you did not just say what I think you did….

  8. …. and then he got all pissed off because I kept yelling “I’m Rick James bitch”….

  9. CrashHell


  10. Radadoon

    Girl…. you need to get some sun! You are whiter than enriched flour honey child….

  11. The Pope

    “Hey Jamie, is that Serena Williams or Juwanna Mann? Hahaha, amirite? Jamie? What is it?”

  12. mike

    The expression of every black person who ever accidentally ended up watching tennis, ever.

  13. yikes.
    has anyone seen dakota fanning since this pic was taken?

  14. Orthodox Judo

    This must be the opposite to the “all black people talk during a movie” thing.

  15. heey

    Dakota is getting a look like she just dropped the n word
    To the right of her is mad, and to the left is trying to pretend he didn’t hear her drop it…

  16. black people yell in movies, white people talk too much at tennis matches.

  17. cc

    ‘Hey guys, if I wave my last pistachio in front of her, do you think she’ll eat it?”

  18. I think we are about to find out if looks really can kill.

  19. Well there’s a ‘bitch please’ face if ever I’ve seen one.

  20. spikedtounge

    Vivica, it was him who farted, I swear!

  21. And yet all this time I thought the photo was about Broadway Joe telling that chick he wants to kiss her.

  22. Bald Scott Bakula seems like the only one watching the game.

  23. “How many points does she get for a home run…???”

  24. And Dakota was never seen again.

  25. I would LOVE to know what Dakota said for Vivica Fox to look at her like that.

  26. Jenn

    “Here’s my chance to get revenge for Twilight AND Mighty Ducks..all I gotta do is wait for them to stand up, and I’ll push them right over the rail.”

  27. martina

    Relax Vivica, she’s with a white guy.

  28. some black dude

    Vivca Fox is looking like some kid’s racist Grandmother when he brought home a white girl

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