1. I don’t even care enough about her to say how much I don’t care about her.

  2. Man, DiCaprio’s legs were SMOOTH when he was on Growing Pains.

  3. fred

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I think Miley has a very high impression of her ass and legs.

  4. That poor girl must be freezing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that bundled up.

  5. heey

    Oh! Miley is wearing long pants.

  6. cc

    The one instant her tongue is in her head and her back is turned.

  7. Did anyone think it possible to get overexposed faster than Paris Hilton. Kill this clown face bitch and her stupid hair.

  8. That fucking hairstyle has got to go.

  9. alexxx3488

    Macaulay Culkin entering much needed rehab after learning of former girlfriend Mila Kunis’ engagement.

  10. chrisbreezyboxingacademy

    Chaz is looking fantastic these days

  11. Doing a daily glory hole session in the local gas station.

  12. martina

    she has a nice ass, but the rest really isn’t much

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