1. “Also, if they paid attention to SCIENCE, the webs should’ve shot out of my butt!”

  2. I'mCool

    Matt Stone explains how that one trip through the transporter siphoned off all his hetero. And talent.

  3. Radadoon

    And the endoscope was this far up there when the doctor said “there’s a furry little rodent peeking back at me!”

  4. Icehawg

    Bugs Bunny the vampire.

  5. fred

    “No, really. You would be so surprised about how many bright, supportive and like-minded guys I met at the BRONY convention. That’s where i got this great necklace. It’s actually a My Little Pony tail from my favorite pony.”

  6. heey

    andrew: ‘So then my ”girlfriend” said we need to be seen together a lot until people believe we are a couple, yeah, we beard eachother, mission accomplished’
    and the other guy is like ”mmmhmm”

  7. cc

    ‘Okay, there’s a reflection in the window of a guy who isn’t there and it’s freaking me out.’

  8. crb

    And when I put airquotes around the term “my girlfriend”, I am not f**king kidding. Doctor Sheldon Cooper doesn’t even get that theoretical.

    Anyway, now more about you being the male MJ,…

  9. alexxx3488

    “I think the new Spiderman should be able to take one…if not two. Hey, I’ll even throw a thumb in there for a third–”
    ‘Bad guys?’
    “I was gonna say fingers…”

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