1. Odbarc

    “I gots me a white woman!”
    Tsk, and it was a day before his probation would have worn off.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Dammit Andre… look what you started!

  3. Well, THAT’s a dead giveaway.

  4. fred

    That’s not the first time a large black gentleman has been in that position. I suspect it won’t be the last either.

  5. Andy Simetic

    That gap is only 10 millimeters away from being described as a missing tooth

  6. “AH! I caught me one! Now you must give me your pot of gold!”

  7. Good to see Leon Spinks back in the spotlight

  8. Black man, fat white girl, I see where this is going.

  9. cc

    Was she there to talk about how she’s bravely going on despite the enormous growth on her lower back?

  10. “Jennette McCurdy’s got hers. Now I got mine.”

  11. Voice of Reisling

    Can Micheal Strahan squeeze the crazy out of Demi Lovato? Find out on the next Late Night with Jimmy Fallon !

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