1. dontkillthemessenger

    Hey, Al Pacino told you to get the fuck out of the street.

  2. You may want to stand downwind.

  3. RocketInMyPocket

    “I just peed myself! LOL”

  4. heey

    ‘shit my tampon is full’

  5. sc4play

    ‘I’ve got a turtle head poking out……!!!’

  6. Those fish tacos are going to paint that black dress another color.

  7. Doing the “Bend. And snap.”

  8. Jennifer, the time has come that you need to show us what you’re workin’ with there. It won’t be too much longer till you’re too old.

  9. “I’ve gotta peeeeeee….And I wish I could do it on my own face so whatever acidic content there is would erase what that asshole plastic surgeon did my face!”

  10. “AHHHH! Those chimichangas.”

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