1. OH MY GOD, IT’S RIHANNA’S NIPPLE! Seriously, could we get a Betty White nip slip. just for some variety?

  2. Ah, there it is…what we’ve all been waiting to see. Rihanna wearing giant hoop earrings. It’s not like her nipples are a news item any more.

  3. Ben Dover

    Can we please move on to another whore?

  4. Ronaldo

    Pierced nipple for everyone to see. Loves attention.

  5. The last time I saw hoops that big, Zod was being condemned to the Phantom Zone.

  6. I’ve seen Rhianna’s nipples more than I’ve seen my own.

  7. That hat has taken on new meaning since Michael Jackson first wore it

  8. Pilin

    And where is the parrot?

  9. Ha ha ha I had to look at he picture 3 times to see what earrings everyone talking about …. just me??

  10. mark


  11. Looks good to me.

  12. cc

    Degaussing rings? She’s demagnetizing her head? The mind boggles.

  13. mondo scum

    you know what they say, the bigger the hoops, the bigger the hoe, and judging by her hoop size, well uh yeah

    • She may be a lousy entertainer (I wouldn’t know), she may have the IQ of Silly Putty, and her lifestyle may be a bit more liberal than some people are used to, but that doesn’t make her a whore and doesn’t change the fact that she is fucking good looking!

  14. Porkpie

    Now give me a little generator, some wire and some alligator clips…

  15. What a waste of oxygen.

  16. Allion

    Ape with earrings.

  17. IronGirl

    Is that a denim belt/sash thing?

  18. Jenn

    The things they said about Janet Jackson’s tit guard, and here’s Rhirhi’s nip piercing out and about for all to see. Ah, progress.

  19. Bob

    Did she have some cosmetic surgery? I remember thinking she was repulsive, but now she just looks average.

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