1. Jill

    Huh, and I always thought he was gay.

  2. arnieblackblack

    Who brought the funny lookin’ thing with the long neck that likes to be ridden bare-back by South Americanos?

    Llama – F**k knows. He was here when I arrived


  3. arnieblackblack

    Jinx – Jill

  4. it had to be said

    Anderson Cooper is so rich and famous he screws llamas instead of sheep. Suck it.

  5. Cute couple. The matching hairdos say it all….

  6. Cock Dr

    Who’s the bottom in this couple?

  7. Willie Dixon

    Anderson Cooper: “Alpaca his fudge!”



  9. Tracey

    “My Mom wanted to make Tina into a dress, but she relented once I renamed him Tony and took him home.

  10. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “They won’t believe this back in the Pampas”

  11. Getting my roughs off

    Why Taylor Lautner taking photographs with people who acts like a toddler at the sight of a bowl of spinach is beyond me.

  12. Tad Bit Tipsy

    In the end, the Llama was more entertaining…

  13. celebutard

    What’s the discernible difference between Anderson Cooper and a llama? The llama spits.

  14. kimmykimkim

    Khloe doesn’t look that bad when she skips her weekly waxing. In fact, she’s quite cuddly.

  15. The Pope

    Just another Wednesday night for Anderson Cooper.

  16. Dammit! Billy Graham was right! Let them get married and there’s no end to what they’ll want next!

  17. JPC

    So Anderson Cooper and Taylor Lautner are dating now?

  18. Henry

    The lama’s halter and lead match his shirt, how cute is that…

  19. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    “Have you ever had an alpaca sweater so soft you just wanted to fuck it?”

  20. elaine benes

    That’s not “at the late show with David Letterman”. That’s “at the late show with a Llama”.

  21. Mwaddams

    As Anderson grabs the llama and guides him down the street, I say Anderson looks pleased and the llama is wise enough to look scared.

  22. Mwaddams

    And the llama says to me, when you die, you will achieve total enlightenment.

  23. CranAppleSnapple

    He rescued that llama from Goop. She was going to eat it, wear it and rub it on her eyebags.

  24. Sham-a-llama, Sham-a-llama-llama ding dong…

  25. farting old man's wife

    Oh look, he finally brought his boyfriend out of hiding!! Congrats Anderson!!

  26. “No Anderson, you didn’t just meet his Holiness the Dalai Lama.”

  27. DeucePickle

    Hopefully these are the things to be thrown off the roof for the show later.

  28. Man! Letterman is really going downhill!

  29. Off to the sweatshop for some custom made alpaca socks.

  30. Manowl

    The Llama is gonna make a sweater out of Anderson’s silky, silvery hair.

  31. tlmck

    Forever confused by his sexuality, Anderson tries something new.

  32. dlp

    Tonight on Anderson Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker reveals all about her new haircut.

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