1. cc

    So what’s the line in Vegas on when her daughter commits her first felony?

  2. A rope cutting down the middle of a hallway… That’s all that comes to mind here…

  3. i thought it was the photo accompanying her Fulbright Scholarship submission.

  4. Cock Dr

    Whenever I see her image I must fight the nausea.

  5. fondue

    Wow, she looks hot! It’s amazing what photoshop can do these days…

  6. I wonder if she’ll shill a line of “A2M mouthwash”?

  7. EricLR

    Now I can finally own a mold of the hole that her cash cow fell out of!!

  8. Now you can play with her camel face and her camel toe. Lucky world.

  9. broduhjenner

    shouldn’t it read “bottomco sales presents”?

  10. Elle

    That butt is just…ew

  11. caley

    As Joel McHale said on the Soup [I'm paraphrasing]: “They’re making a mold of Farrah Abraham’s vagina…I’m sure that’s not the last time there will be mold around it.”

  12. Trek Girl

    Poor Sophia. I hope she’s not negatively affected too much by her mother’s tomfoolery.

  13. spider farmer

    So now someone has leaked her personal collection of heiny hole molds?? Geez, girl can’t get a break.

  14. Man, it’s funny what a private boudoir video can lead to.

  15. cc

    It took forever to get these pics, shit kept falling out of her ass.

  16. Fappuccino

    Someone had a bean taco after her daily round of cocksucking

  17. If I knew nothing about her I would think this was hot.

  18. Mike

    At least she has a nice ass.

  19. Best pic of her ever. She looks doable, (without a paper bag).

  20. Remember how we used to all make fun of her camel face because of her giant Jay Z nose? And if you look at the photo above, her nose is now much slimmer?
    I’m not going to say much else except, maybe we should seriously consider making fun of the fact that she isn’t into chain saw juggling and stuff. I’m just putting it out there.

  21. Why does it seem like the distance between her chin and the top of her head (CT) is the same as the distance between her shoulders and her butt crack (SB)?
    Last I checked, CT < SB in a normal female.

  22. At least when they sell this one, it will be 100% accurate about being life like looking at that image.

  23. appleblumpkin

    a new sex toy line! so why the long face? … oh.

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