1. joe

    Hey shitbag, how many girls did you start on cocaine today?

  2. “4 years old, they can’t be any older than 4 years old”

  3. anonymous

    “How many jobs have you had since That 70′s Show ended?”

  4. JW

    How many lick does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

  5. “Wilmer, what time does your shift at Star Bucks start?”

  6. EricLR

    How many high schools have you snuck into today?

  7. How many more minutes in your 15 minutes of fame?

  8. malaka

    it just doesn’t seem right that this shitbag has been effectively blackballed but that other shitbag ashton gets to keep dooshing it up on network television.
    it must be racism.

  9. wojr

    “Yeah, I took her virginity 4 times. What’s not to understand?”

  10. Good day. I said GOOD DAY

  11. assaddickt

    4 in the stink, none in the pink

  12. Four’ll get you twenty.

  13. “You’re gonna be really embarrassed when you find out I’m Wilmer Valderrama.”

  14. Sandman71

    Hey Wilmer, how long did your career last?

  15. “So, really, how many butt cracks does Jennifer Love Hewitt really have?”

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