1. cc

    Whoa Chelsea must have the worst penis breath.

  2. “I call this ‘arms abimbo’.”

  3. EricLR

    Chelsea Handler has become a favorite accessory of late for every Hollywood bimbo who wants someone even sluttier than themselves to look down on.

  4. malaka

    she couldn’t even try to look uglier than that blonde chick.

  5. fred

    Sandy finally realized, like everyone else in the world, that Chelsea is nothing but a fame-whoring cunt, and was immediately sorry that she had invited Chelsea in the first place.

  6. Yep…That’s definitely a “first time for anal” face.

  7. Sandra’s too sweet to be hanging out with that slutty lush.

  8. crb

    Wow, getting close to Chelsea can even make Sandy look ugly!

    -What’s the opposite of “The Halo Effect”?

  9. martina

    I have a feeling that Sandra is sluttier than Chelsea, it’s just that Chelsea embraces it, while Sandra pimps the sweet girl image..

  10. Cookiepuss

    THAT’S Sandra Bullock?? I’d recognize her if she could, you know, move her forehead.

  11. Girl in front? Would bone. Girl in back? Wood & bone.

  12. tom

    Sandra Bullock is flatter than a pancake.

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