1. “Hey dad! Hey dad! Let’s race to that light post!”
    “NO! You cheat!”

  2. LLBL

    This makes single motherhood look not so bad.

  3. Sigh…they grow up so fast. Well, not Peter.

  4. cc

    Looks like she’s discovered Starbucks secret to profitability…give people a cup of something that’s 90% ice.

  5. Oh my god, so tiny! He should have gotten a grande.

  6. Thought that was Michael J. Fox there for a second.

  7. Cock Dr

    Is he a ginger!?! That head of hair looks very ginger-ish to me.

  8. EricLR

    …And that was the second-best day of my life, second only to the day I finally escaped from the nightmare of Willy Wonka’s factory of course.

  9. “Utah! Make it two!”

  10. malaka

    dude is a bawss!!

  11. are all midgets in show business? I only see them onscreen.

  12. Cool wee guy. I bet he can Fucking Conjugate.

  13. crb

    Did you know that tall women almost always have unusually-large/long vaginas?

    It’s true.

  14. i find it hard to believe nobody every told him caffeine would stunt his growth.

  15. Boy NYC does have everything, even a baby gap for douches.

  16. “I think that pretentious barista short changed me!…No pun intended.”

  17. I am sorry, but he is just so freakin’ hot!

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