1. When you get to be an A list star like Peter Dinklage, you have to get creative with your luxuries….
    For example, being hand fed by Gordon Ramsay

  2. cc

    Ah, so the reason he is so bitter is because he’s a hunchback.

  3. That is the shittiest world’s largest cupcake I’ve ever seen.

  4. after many hours of deliberation, the judge panel returned a verdict: It was not indeed the world’s largest cupcake. It was however, in the hands of the largest douche.

  5. I don’t think Gordon took “worlds largest cupcake” seriously.

  6. EricLR

    Ladies and Gentleman, we have successfully created the World’s Largest Tiny Cupcake!!!

  7. broduhjenner

    I’ve heard cupcake creation is directly correlated to penis size.

  8. It isn’t a small cupcake; it’s just that Gordon’s ego has been photographed at actual size.

  9. fred

    “Right. Here’s the world’s smallest douchebag detector. I know it works because the top turns white when the device is held by a dbag.”

  10. Is “Gordon Ramsay” a good name for a gay pornstar, or is it just me?

  11. “Here…choke on this, you little motherfucker!”

  12. The before picture, once he let’s loose with his mouth all that hot air and ego will inflate the cupcake to the size of a small moon, a small moon that can destroy a planet.

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