1. joe

    The way he’s walking, you’d swear that watch is still up his ass.

  2. LLBL

    Don’t you mean the way he’s Walken?

  3. More cowbell!

  4. cc

    He tidied himself up for the occasion.

  5. he’s such a class act that the only way he’d be photographed outside the Shiteau Marmont is on his way home with groceries.

  6. Inner Retard

    I’ve seen you paparazzi masturbate and… you’re good!

  7. He gets his coke to go?

  8. Christopher “Barely” Walken.

  9. EricLR

    Some poor paparazzo is about to get a watch shoved up his ass.

  10. Echo5

    Hey! Ho! I’m Walken here! Zowie!

  11. malaka

    you can deal with this, or you can deal with that….

  12. fred

    “Is this the way to the Gerard Depardieu look alike contest?”

  13. So The Continental really took place in the Chateau Marmont? You learn something every day. More cham-pag-ne?

  14. martina

    on his way to the medical black tar heroin dispensary

  15. Fappuccino

    Love to see him try to dance now.

  16. His best line ever:
    “You’re talking to me all wrong… It’s the wrong tone. You do it again and I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron. Hey, tell me, does your mother sew? BOOM. Get her to sew that!”

  17. “I got a fever …. a fever for more scotch”

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