1. She gets her coke spoon-fed to her, nice.

  2. cc

    How dumb is she? She swallowed her coke.

  3. EricLR

    …And for our celebrity clients with addiction issues, the Chateau Marmont now provides a feeding service along with our usual discretion in body disposal.

  4. fred

    So glad Breaking Bad is ending. No more ass wipes in fedoras.

  5. Is swallowing coke the new thing now?

  6. crb

    Apparently, Estella has done so many drugs, she’s blown-out the dopamine-production area in her brain, has early-onset Parkinson’s and now has to get spoon-fed her cough-syrup.

    And by “cough-syrup”, I mean “cocaine and sizzurp”.

  7. “Estelle, Take this soup for your “cold” and the rest of us will be taking roofies to forget that ugly ass outfit that you came in,”

  8. “C’mon, lady, get a move on. I haven’t had dinner either!”

  9. Come now, a woman this refined gets her foreplay protein on a spoon before the games begin.

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