1. Frank Burns

    Bartender, get that man a vinegar and water.

  2. What a douche!

    …see how I did that?

  3. EricLr

    Massingill douiche.

  4. meeps!

    Chaz Bono looks great!

    • broduhjenner

      Not caz bono. But you’re correct in that he is one of Cher’s children that dude from the mask.

  5. who the hell is this dude? and why the fuck didn’t he change his name?

  6. Jman

    Hair to the throne baby!

  7. Cock Dr

    A plump gay Viking. The entertainment industry collects the unusual.

  8. DeucePickle

    I wonder if he can still see dead people.

  9. stu

    sweet baby jesus, i know david spade misses chris farley, but he’s taking things way too far..

  10. Thor’s retarded cousin?

  11. A horrible case of smallface.

  12. Phillip Seymour Hoffman has a gay brother?

  13. Anthony

    David Spade has gotten fat

    • stu

      ah! i see what you did with my joke.. you.. re-worded it.

      • Anthony

        Oh I didn’t even see that you mentioned him, I glanced up to see the name but saw nothing. Nouns are capitalized, that does make it easier when people are glancing. Not a request just a suggestion

      • stu

        it’s fine, i was just stirring!.. i’m not a fan of the effort required to hold down shift whilst striking a key, hence no capitals.. so, so lazy.

  14. Corky got a stylist.

  15. M3

    Ah, Gnops at it’s finest.. wait…

  16. Seems like if your name is Massingill, you’d go out of your way to NOT look like a douche.

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