1. EricLr

    Trouble with the curve maybe. But she didn’t have any trouble making me straight.

  2. She is one of the hottest women in Hollywood.

  3. GLT

    *Morena* Baccarin.

  4. Cock Dr

    She manages to look wholesome while wearing a dress cut down to her naval. That’s amazing.

  5. achilles wrath

    Glad her hair isn’t short and white anymore, it really looked terrible.

  6. theoriginal LJ

    Isn’t her name Morena?

  7. No Way

    Her husband is a butt-ugly dorky looking dude.

  8. That’s a nose you could set your watch by.

  9. El Jefe

    I love her so much.

  10. What can ya say? Kinda cute, yet kinda creepy.

  11. im a big fan of baby teeth.

  12. tlmck

    Slick back the hair and you could remake a Robert Palmer video with her playing lead guitar.

  13. lily

    she’s pretty…reminds me of ashley judd

  14. tvmccorm

    AbRtFl is full of sh*t. Morena doesn’t have a sister.

    • achilles wrath

      I know, funny reading the comments though!

      • Emma Watson's Vagina

        that was a mistake from a few people who mispelled her name. there is no Monica Baccarin . her mother was a stage and threater actress Vera Setta. Morena uses her father’s surname.

        she looks really relly smoking hot in this and a few other outfits. but i saw a few films where she was topless. she was cute but the clothes really make her hot.

        got married to some petty writer /producer last year. not sure if he will be successful as he hasn’t done much since 2008. and she really hasn’t done much since the V remake. but she is the bread winner so far.

        assuming she has an open marrage or they get divorced i would date her and have sex with her naked. but perfer her with clothes on. like ths assemble.

      • achilles wrath

        Yeah, I saw her topless, not all that great. She’s one of those weird chicks who’s just so much hotter dressed.

      • catapostrophe

        She really has done much since the V remake–she’s got a major role in one of the most critically-acclaimed series on cable right now.

  15. johnny

    Morena, Monica…who cares? she’s hot, that’s all that really matters.

  16. I’ve loved this woman deeply since “Firefly”. So cute. so sexy and I’m glad to see she’s growing her hair out.

  17. I’d hire her if the Firefly was in my system.

  18. YTBOY

    This is the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a long while!!!!!!!!!!

  19. squishy

    Pure hotness!!

  20. Next.....

    Cute haircut……NOT

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