1. Inner Retard

    Looks like a weather reporter on location standing in 100 mph wind and it’s starting to blow her clothes off.

  2. Tyler Perry

    More like Mel-D’s

  3. Animal

    Odd pockets. She looks good, though.

  4. Biggest invisible dick I’ve ever seen!

  5. YEs

    Please Hammer don’t hurt em!

  6. Didn’t she used to be black? Like really, really black?

  7. cc

    Nice jodhpurs…find Sarah Jessica Parker and throw a leg over.

  8. Who is her stylist, Ray Charles?

  9. All in all, a very impressive physique…the overall impression this woman would make on the public in general would be on the positive side of the curve due to her…NICE TITS and GREAT ASS!

  10. Pine Table Fever

    The B stands for ‘breasts’.

  11. Radadoon

    The Baltimore Ravens new starting linebacker when Ray Lewis retires.

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