1. sexyman48

    He went to the hair salon and said “Give me the douchbag.”

  2. Mary Feeney

    If his eyes were any closer together he’d be a cyclops.

  3. Ellen De Generes

    somehow his face screams “vagina” so much, that I’m turned on. Also, I could go for some sushi right now.

  4. cc

    What about my lapels?

  5. coyote

    He is a Really Great Actor.

  6. Bigalkie

    ABC..Always Be Coifed

  7. Not pictured: funky spunk.

  8. Bouncy Castle

    God, I miss Third Watch.

  9. he’s making the arm signal we used to do in grade school when you wanted to taunt someone by calling them a homo.

  10. squishy

    Duuuude! Not enough grease!!

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