1. BigOkie

    “Quicktrim… Not always effective on asses”

  2. Ronaldo

    She actually looks good in this photo. Lucky angle?

  3. The only quick thing here is her ability to track and capture a pee stream

  4. Billebuoy

    Quicktrim VIP event? Is that a rehab for egotistical asses?

  5. Cock Dr

    Although her face is looking more and more like a camel.
    What noise does a camel make?

  6. BenDoverman

    Cow actually looks decent here. Now throw the rest of Kuntyay’s wardrobe to the curb.

  7. your mom

    Take out the butt pads, dear, this event is for quick trim. We don’t want to give them the wrong idea….

  8. B&WMinstrel

    One across. Quim turning a trick will cut you.

  9. lily

    cannot stand her, but this is the most flattering pic she’ll get…floral dresses are usually terrible but i kinda like this one…

  10. dude

    Quick Trim?
    Nah……too easy.

  11. Q: What kind of flower smells like silicone and defeat?
    A: See above pic

  12. dieter

    this is kinda like having hitler as your spokesperson against anti-semitism.

  13. YEs

    She looks effing hot here.

  14. “Bazinga.”
    - Kanye West

  15. Lawyers for Quick Trim declined comment this evening, when asked whether the Federal Trade Commission had opened an investigation as to the efficacy of their product on badonkadonkage.

  16. MILF

    Great marketing, Quick Trim. Her back side is a permanent “before” pic, and her front side is the “after.”

  17. Mike701

    Quick Trim? Isn’t that what most guys call her for a little?

  18. Remember, my son. The Devil can take pleasing forms. Especially three-quarters profile or so.

  19. Maybe I don’t understand marketing…but when you’re selling a diet product, do you really want a chick famous for having an enormous ass shilling for you?

  20. squishy

    Guess they don’t take the VIP part very seriously…

  21. Josie

    kim k is lookin fineee

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