1. ‘Murrica. Now available in Australia.

  2. 30 years from now:
    Honey Boo Boo: Still coming!

  3. I thought it was Honey Boo Boo’s mom, but then I thought how dumb I am for stereotyping all large women in a bikini making a spectacle of themselves as someone just looking for attention in any way possible whether it’s demeaning or not.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    Rochester is a few hours from my house, and trust me, it isn’t this big.

  5. cc

    The saltwater crocodile suddenly felt very mortal.

  6. Sugar Bear, get Mama June a towel will ya?

  7. I'mCool

    Laugh all you want. You should have seen how big she was before she swam to Australia.

  8. I'mCool

    This suit is not accurate. there are not 453 states in the U.S.

  9. EricLR

    The perfect tribute to America.

  10. Joe

    The American Bikini is symbolic of the only country in the world where the woman pictured could be the proprietor of the following:

    Bestselling Book – “Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Fit”
    Website – “The Healthy Body Club”
    Television Show – “The Biggest Loser”
    Upcoming Book – “Been There Done Fat”

  11. rospo

    it must have been a huge flag.

  12. This explains the recent rise in sea levels.

  13. Dick Nose

    Is this a deleted scene from Pacific Rim

  14. Drundel

    WTF??? Why are bikinis made in a size that big???

  15. I’d defy anyone to masturbate to this photo.

    • crb



      The Horror,…

      The Horror…

    • Eckhart Meister

      I came to her twice today. Both times were powerful. Second time the droplets even sprayed up to my shoulder. I love this girl. It would be my dream-come-true if everyone else rejected her for not fitting into society‚Äôs bodyweight standards. More for me. She can always come to me to be comforted and ravaged with all the thrust action she’ll ever need. I’d make every one of her bedtime fantasies come true (at least the ones that involve a man).

  16. thatdude


  17. I know what you’re thinking…but when the day started, it WAS a one piece!

  18. Kel

    Mooove over, bald eagles. There’s a new national symbol waddling through.

  19. Pat C.

    Thanks a lot, Fish :(

  20. Ya know what-never mind DON’T free Willy.

  21. David Hasselhoff

    Nicole Eggert really let herself go this time.

  22. Biggest. American flag. Evar.

  23. Kim K. wanted to borrow her bikini, but it was too small.

  24. This lady is an Aussie….THANKS A LOT AJAY. We don’t need help with the stereotype.

  25. I had to google her…and this turned up:

    “She was the host of the Australian version of reality weight-loss television series The Biggest Loser which she hosted a total of four series between 2006 and 2009″

    can’t imagine why she lost the gig.

  26. momo


  27. In typical nanny state fashion, on September 18, 2013, Australia outlawed the act of entering any body of water with the “canon ball.” Creeping fascism.

  28. Is this why the flags are at half-mast today?

  29. The Superficial’s dream girl/mom.

  30. Kris Jenner

    Fifteen minutes later she destroyed Tokyo

  31. The Patriot

    the stars and stripes and stretch marks forever

  32. Bob

    Typically, when the U.S. sends a vessel to “show the colors” off foreign shores we send something with less tonnage, like the Nimitz.

  33. Odbarc

    200lbs of ‘big bones’? Bitch, a T-rex skeleton weighs less than half that.

  34. What is she smiling about?

  35. Let me guess… we were trying to bomb Syria and hit Australia?

  36. “Quint?”


  37. A two piece. Of course. Just like only the ugliest dudes wear speedos. And swingers are all disgusting, ugly mutants.

  38. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    The (surviving) population of Sumatra have never forgiven her for doing a straight bomb dive into the Indian ocean in late 2004.

  39. Visit beautiful Australia, where everyone is so friendly that the whales actually walk up and say “G’DAY, Mate!”

  40. Cmndr_Bytes

    “Is anyone here a marine biologist!?”

  41. Super Fish-o

    And there you have it: now we all know what Chris Farley would have looked like in a bikini.

  42. Robb7

    God bless America!

  43. The Expatriate

    I see the bloated American bureaucracy has reached the shores
    of Australia.

  44. Eric

    Obama was wrong. This is the day that the oceans stopped rising and the water receded.

  45. AnnaD.

    Doesn’t even need a caption. However, my eyes do need bleach now.

  46. whatever

    a lipo-suctioned gut for sure, it is out of proportion to the rest of her, unless her only excercise are endless sit-ups, LOL

  47. whatever

    her ass is still smaller than kim karTRashians

  48. “AAIIIEE!! Gojira!!”

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