1. BigOkie

    Still looks good… but didn’t she used to be black?

  2. I like how she figured out how to cash in as Miss America: pose for hardcore pornography.

    Don’t believe me? Name another winner. Just one. I’ll be here waiting.

  3. amir

    Vanessa’s still getting it done… at 50. She looks better than 90 percent of the 20 somethings.

  4. England

    Everyone knows that the winner f*&*s all the judges.

  5. cc

    I hope she does more lesbian sex before it’s too late.

  6. Hi, ‘Nessa. You’re still looking fine, girl!

  7. XGL

    That is how you age gracefully. I’m sure she has had work done, but it was done well and tastefully, as it should be

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