1. Josephus

    See, we knew she wouldn’t actually fuck Ashton Kutcher herself.

  2. BigOkie

    Love Mila but she doesn’t have all of this going on from the back.

  3. Craptard

    so does Jeter get to bang this one too?

  4. She’s probably looking better than Mila these days. Any pics from the front?

  5. So…WHICH of those guys are her stunt double?!?

  6. Inner Retard

    I thought it was Minka Kelly before I read the name.

  7. …and by “stunt”, I mean “ass”.

  8. I never knew “double” actually meant “twice as much”. Very well played, Miss Dechert.

  9. cc

    That wedgy is screaming to be picked by a helpful stranger.

  10. saavik001

    i’d stunt cock that ass

  11. Note to England: THIS is what we call an ass in the US…you can keep Pippa.

  12. Skeeter

    I’d lick her anus before I drilled it.

  13. eric

    thats a nice ass anyway, i would love to lick it before i pound it

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