1. dontkillthemessenger

    I wonder which one John Travolta would choose?

  2. Mr. Poop

    that guy sucking his thumb in the cargo shorts with the boner is totally playing it cool

  3. “Re-enact your scene with Neve Campbell in Wild Things!”

  4. “Acting” talent that my penis appreciates.

  5. Brit

    The replacement for Matt Dillon in the Wild Things remake was a bit of a stretch.

  6. Crissy

    To think there is like a 15-year age difference…

  7. The Most Interesting

    “So, wait. You’re saying Charlie *isn’t* licensed by the NFL to do impromptu equipment inspections?”

  8. AnnaLynne and her gumby arms will still fumble less than Ryan Matthews.

  9. Swearin

    I’m now envisioning a movie where the hot young star quarterback of the lingerie football league’s best team begins a passionate secret relationship with the team owner’s daughter, a sexy marketing and PR genius who is 20 years older but just trying to move on from her divorce from an A-list Hollywood actor with very public coke and sex addiction.

  10. Carolann

    I’ve never seen a kneecap beer gut.

  11. Bionic_Crouton

    “You want a Ménage à WHAT?”

  12. cc

    There are two AnnaLynne McCord’s aren’t there?

  13. Background knowledge aside, what I gather from this picture is highly wreckable ass plus a guy in a hat. Not bad.

  14. saavik001

    Now tear off each other clothes and fuck… what are you waiting for?

  15. the old whore teaching the new whore new tricks

  16. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    So AnnaLynne McCord is playing Rebecca Gayheart’s part?

  17. martian

    mother and daughter fantasy and I… jizz in my pants.

  18. mbcl

    That guy is doing a fake cough to cover his fart.

  19. Strange that the older of the two women looks better in this photo. Denise has always been gorgeous.

    Oh, and btw guys…Denise isn’t wearing any undies. I’m a girl, trust me, I know.

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