1. InkyBlack

    I’m happy! Look everyone! Look how happy I am! See? Happy! Not mad. No. Happy. Yes.

  2. anonym

    too much botox. can’t make face expressions

  3. Bonky

    Yes, we are dating and yes, he is a nobody and yes, I’m just as shocked as you are.

  4. cc

    I get so confused…are denim jackets in this year or out?

  5. saavik001

    Shat Hit That… :)

  6. Ms. Swan

    Has Kenny Rogers taught us nothing? Jesus, Hollywood!

  7. “The doctor gave me a prescription for some little white pills, and after taking six?…or was it eight?…well, ten or twelve of them, whatever the bottle said, I feel GREAT!”"

  8. bamf

    ima gettin fuckst tonight!

  9. Heather looks better than she has in a long time, very pretty and happy here. Let’s hope it’s for keeps.

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