1. Malcolm in the middle of his Rogain treatment

  2. henry hill

    just who i’d expect to find at a video game launch. why not throw in a jonas bro and alfonso ribero, for good measure.

  3. Mr. Poop

    malcolm in the fucking enormous forehead

  4. For a former child star, he’s doing damn good. No vehicular manslaughters, no drug addictions as far as we know and not whoring around.

  5. Mohawk Disco

    Why, yes! I am the guy from Breaking Bad.

  6. Mary Feeney

    He has certainly gotten a-head.

  7. Buddy The Elf

    He made his money.
    Did some anger management therapy.
    Now he just shows up at video game premieres?

    Pretty sweet gig.

  8. It’s nice to see his forehead all grown up.

  9. Chin up Sean, the Saints need you.

  10. ss109

    He’s looking like he finally came out of the closet

  11. I thought Billie Joe Armstrong was in rehab?

  12. BillEBuoy

    Face of a 9-year old.
    Stubble of a 19-year old.
    Hairline of a 59-year old.
    He keeps the girls guess.

  13. When he has his caricature drawn at the fair it looks like a photograph.

  14. cc

    He’s looking a bit Brosni-ish.

  15. EricLR

    Malcolm at the End.

  16. oldfool

    Frankie says “Relax.”

  17. He wants to team up with Amanda Bynes again in ‘Big Fat Liar 2: Vehicular Boogaloo.’

  18. Ms. Swan

    So that’s why we haven’t seen him since ‘Malcolm.’

  19. Pierce Bronzetan

    [Not ghey]
    Damn that kid has pretty eyes
    [Not ghey]

  20. Eric

    I never realized that Malcolm in the Middle was Breaking Bad (The Early Years).

  21. Mos

    Holy shit you guys are funny! Do yuo get paid to write these comments of sublime humor, or do you have day jobs? Seriously, I want to know!

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