1. Mohawk Disco

    I would. Right there in the parking lot. She’s even dressed for the occasion. Must be waiting for me. I have to go…

  2. God, why didn’t she take Cutler back to LA with her? He has been sulking around my city with his 5 o’clock shadow and sucking at football for far too long.

  3. Fuck you, Jessica Simpson!

  4. Randy Travis

    Oh sure, but when I drive my trans am around pantsless, everybody gets all freaked the fuck out!

  5. Cock Dr

    I guess she’s a MLF now.

  6. cagster

    I didn’t foresee the upside of the “no pants” look that Pam Anderson has been pushing of late.

  7. skidmark

    did she forget her pants at the hospital?

  8. Fancypants

    Sans pants, just in case anything else is going to fall out of there.

  9. InkyBlack

    I wish that day had been windy.

  10. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    Imagine walking behind her when she’s on the rag.

  11. cc

    Did she fall out of favor with the ‘Values Voters’?

  12. Is this a trend? Please let it be a trend.

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