1. JC

    They’re so committed that they decided to share a face.

  2. I thought she crushed his head with that ATM machine in season 2?

  3. Raadoo

    There is a LOT of pain in those two faces. Who knows what they have seen and done.

  4. Diablo Dude

    She needs Jeremy’s Iron.

    • Later

      Great, now i’m laughing my ass of in the middle of the office, thanks! (this is not sarcasm, i really appreciate this)

  5. So, Farah Fawcett faked her own death just to marry Jeremy Irons? Seems like a lot of work with not a big payoff.

  6. Minky Wail

    It’s like a leather version of CatDog

  7. Bonky

    Desperation was setting in. They hit every drugstore, supermarket and 7-11 in town and not a bottle of Curel Moisturizer Lotion could be found….. and the sun will be coming up soon.

  8. Meh

    He’s carried this morose schtick on for way too long.

  9. EricLR

    Tonight, my dear, we conquer The British Isles! But first, the Blue Plate Special!

  10. Joey G

    I thought that John McClain shot their helicopter down.

  11. Blackberry Jackson

    He found someone haggier than himself, then married her. He’ll feel foxy from now on.

  12. The crypt keepers keeping watch, take their soul stealing jobs very seriously.

  13. Antique bookends.

  14. Happy ending for the Corpse Bridge. Sigh, I love that movie!!

  15. *BRIDE!!!!!!! (damnit!)

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