1. Ban Ki-moon: “Stevie, you dress like blind man”
    Stevie: “who dat??”
    Michael: “I’m crapping in a bag”

  2. fisheyes

    An asian, a black guy and a corpse walk into a bar….

  3. Tanzarian

    Very superstitious.

  4. g-moonie

    Dude must get so laid at Comicon.

  5. Cock Dr

    And upon seeing this trio all the world’s warring combatants immediately laid down their arms, turned to one another and embraced. Thus the New Age of world harmony & peace was born.

  6. swearin

    A nerdy Asian, a blind black singer and a rich white guy near death walk into a bar…

  7. “You may be blind, but that doesn’t stop you from picking up the phone and checking what colour tie you should be wearing today.”

  8. Asians, the blind, or the elderly,,,only one can win the title of “World’s Worst Driver”.

  9. me

    Do all of you fucktards who are making fun of the way Michael Douglas looks realize he is recovering from cancer? Real douchbags!

  10. Squishy

    Unlikely bunch

  11. Somewhere, Kirk Douglas is looking a this picture going “Who’s that old mutherfucker who looks like my dad?”.

  12. shweet

    Speak no evirr, see no evil, I’m banging Catherine Zeta Jones.

  13. Venom

    Is Stevie Wonder a damn vampire?
    I swear he has not aged or changed in 20 years.

  14. Johnny P!

    Yet again, Rose Kennedy is dusted off and wheeled out for some fresh and and a photo-op.

  15. The three of them just farted in harmony.

  16. The rumor around Washington, D.C. is that busts of these three gentlemen, along with a Native American, will eventually be on display as the front of the new World Trade Center. The sculpture will be called “Mount Mushroom.”

  17. “WOW thats amazing, you can tell I’m asian just from felling my nuts”

  18. I know he’s blind and all, but does he know he has a skullette?

  19. TyroneBiggums


  20. Buddy the Elf

    Someone please tell Stevie the Braided-Skullet ain’t workin’.

  21. Frugal Gourmet

    The fact that hes facing the opposite direction is just too much

  22. In amazement Stevie Wonder is the only one looking at the correct camera.

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