1. CptCreep

    Engineers/Scientists… stop fucking around with tablets and start inventing a holodeck you worthless bastards!


    Yeah, i know you can see me cellulite….my question was “does this ball hide my baby bump?”

  3. dotmatrix

    Somehow reminds me of a joke:

    Q: What did the priest say to the pregnant unmarried Irish girl?

    A: “Keep the baby, Faith!”

    Sorry, that one was a lot funnier in 1973.

  4. gumption

    I poured my soul out and admitted my deep shame that I too have cellulite, and you delete my post? the shame!

  5. Even though it’s usually a red card foul, she can handle my soccer balls all she wants.

  6. Chet

    Skinny doesn’t mean fit and is often not shapely: exhibit A

  7. “It’s the best look y’ll get of me bum without you cough up some gold!”

  8. I would love to bend her over like beckham.

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