1. Dee

    Those look.. Umm idk what to call them.

  2. Well, she’s solved the pit stain problem…now what to do with the old curtains???

  3. Ana

    wtf with the boobs?

  4. Jamie

    It’s one thing to be frugal but to buy one implant and split it down the middle is just tacky!

  5. Mar

    I don’t care what anyone says, I think she’s gorgeous. In a game of fcuk, marry, kill, she’d be the one I would marry.


      I totally agree. Leelee is interesting to look at. Non-traditional good looks + confidence = hot.

  6. Times must be tough for my mom… she’s gone and sold her living room curtains to Leelee to make ends meet.

  7. Everytime I see her I think of Eyes Wide Shut.

  8. Mwaddams

    Put a very large brunette on her left and a skinny brunette on her right and she’ll start singing “hold on.”

  9. Johnny P!

    Two memories just sprang up:
    !1 Laura Dern being seduced by the rotten-toothed Bobby Peru (Willem Dafoe) who gets her to say “fuck me” while standing a few feet away from the fly-covered puddle of her morning sickness on the cheap carpet of the flea-motel she’s staying in in “Wild at Heart”, and
    2) Chloe Sevigny blowing Vincent Gallo to completion in close-up in “The Brown Bunny”.
    You just cannot buy class like that look…
    Well done Leelee, well done. I tip my top-hat to you.

  10. HumpinFrog

    Is she smiling or do her lips glow naturally? Can’t tell but I’d pull those titties/tennis balls like my overhead garage light needed turned on.

  11. Dressing in the dark with your eyes closed will always lead to tragedy.

  12. So I guess the surgery to get her boobs to line up with her eyes was a success.

  13. SIN

    Another fail at her attempt to be Paris Hilton. She still forgets to take her bra off.

  14. DeucePickle

    Obviously the X-ray shows that she’s either an android or robo-boobs are all the rage these days

  15. spooky

    i think she hates freedom

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