1. He’s just excited to have a chick bending down in front of him, without obstructing his view. And gravity.

  2. Jamie

    “Wait, so you’re telling me that you actually have sex with your husband whenever he wants AND he doesn’t have to pay your Mom 10% of his salary every time he sticks it in you?!? Now you’re just pulling my leg…”

  3. thinnest tranny i ever saw that gave pedicures.

  4. Shani

    Notice how Kris isn’t wearing his wedding ring?

  5. Cam

    “Wow, I thought my wife was the only one who liked to tape her best blowjobs!”

  6. barbosa

    Pedicurists don’t wear scrubs! Nurses and doctors do. Is there some body of knowledge that is needed to do toe nails.

  7. Squishy

    So frakkin gross!!!

  8. Didn’t take long for Kim to turn him into a bitch-ass pussy, did it?

  9. Again, I can’t help but marvel at how this newlywed couple is never pictured alone! It’s like they’re joined at the hip…

    Actually, now that I think about it, Kim’s ass makes it possible for them to be joined at the hip and still not be in the picture together.

  10. “I’m only going to show this to you one more time…use the laces to make a bunny rabbit with two ears…the right ear goes over the left ear and under the bunny’s neck…”

  11. paco

    Am I the only one who always thought he looks like an ogre/giant autistic creep?

  12. A “pedicure” huh? So THAT’S what the kids are calling it these days

  13. I love the idea that more and more women are subscribing to the “Hilary Duff thank you for marrying me” school of thought.

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