1. It’s almost as if she’s saying, “here, let me provide the hand cream.”

  2. Something awesome happened to her shorts…her boots though, that’s more unfortunate.

  3. fisheyes

    Dear God that’s a serious muff! Hasn’t she ever trimmed that thing down?!?

  4. Buddy the Elf

    Ronnie James Dio fan!

  5. Mitch

    She has that “need to get banged by a black dude” look.

  6. Cock Dr

    Sophie needs a sandwich.

  7. g-moonie

    Can’t blame those boots for trying to escape.

  8. Raoul

    “Ooooh. Never. Eating. Triple bean burritos again! I think that last one blew my pants right off!”

  9. Its a mess from where the tits end and the boots start.

  10. Dharma Initiative Beans

    I think her legs and Madonna’s arms shop at the same store.

  11. gspot hunter

    Good God-No pockets out after Labor Day

  12. SIN

    Damn. Not looking good here at all. What the fuck is wrong with her legs and why is she getting the ugly Madonna arms?

  13. MILF

    Get the look: Peter Pan-gina.

  14. Audieme

    Jaysus, this girl has potential so why does she keep mucking it up? Stop getting your pic taken with your finger up your nose (oh yeah, google it) and start dressing like a champ!

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