1. When you’re as high as she is, nothing startles you.

  2. Gayest photobomb…


  3. InkyBlack

    I see you found Kenneth Williams secret love child.

  4. Gin&Tonic

    jeeze, I clicked on the thumbnail thinking it was Christina Hendricks. Must be jerking off too much and loosing my sight or somethin’

  5. diego

    “Samantha Ronson strikes again, ha ha!”

  6. EricLr

    Look, just sell me the drugs, okay?

  7. Colin

    That guy looks scarily like Chelsea Handler.

  8. JennywithaY

    Dude, chill. It’s just Mischa Barton.

  9. B&WMinstrel

    That guy… he’s us!

  10. It’s as if she’s a wax figure of herself, eyes glossed over, people ecstatic to get a picture with you.

  11. Who is photobombing whom in this pic?

  12. Jman

    “Shh gave meh a hummer an this ciggy right ‘ere!”

  13. Crissy

    Guy in the front: “wanna see something interesting? look at my ‘tarded face, ahhhhh!”

  14. Contusion

    I think it’s the “Leave Britney Alone” guy. Uh..girl. I don’t know.

  15. I don’t know what the fuck is up with her. In some pics she’s downright beautiful, in others she’s a Mongoloid.

  16. Emma Watson's Vagina

    crazy red headed guy says it all in this photo about her career.

  17. tlmck

    She seems to hang out a lot in that neighborhood.

  18. Martina

    Despite it all … she is still quite good looking. It’s not too late for her to get in shape and hit the Casting Couch.

  19. vgrly

    You’re smiling too hard when we can see your fillings.

  20. Biff

    Why don’t you all leave her alone. She never gets in trouble for anything, lives a fairly quiet life as much as can be expected. Just back off already is all I’m sayin.

    • suck it

      Agreed. As much as I love being a snarky creeper bitch hiding behind my laptop, she doesn’t warrant all the criticism since she doesn’t hang in the spotlight anymore. She had her 15 minutes of fame and is laying low now. Whatever. Someone like Amanda Bynes is much more entertaining anyway.

  21. Blech

    Quick! Zoom in on the dude(?) on the right!

  22. Ground control to major Tom,
    you’ve really made the grade
    And we’re so glad to see you after all these years

  23. kittenmittensmascotmeow

    Still looks saner then her

  24. Oh Perez! You are silly.



  26. CK

    “Her career! I KNOW!!”

  27. cc

    Would it offend an Irishman to tell him he had English teeth?

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