1. Apparently it’s possible to access TCWM before he posts it. Neat.

  2. Nice pearls Edith.

  3. So… much….orange… Did she blow Carrot-top?

  4. Animal

    I don’t like her and yet … something about her here. I’d do her in spite of myself!!!

  5. fucktards

    because attending fundraisers with the anointed one is so much more fun than dealing with the embassy killings across the pond.

  6. EricLr

    In the time it took her to walk from the car to the door, she made two shitty romantic comedies.

  7. Lucion


  8. It’s risk vs reward, isn’t it?

    I mean, sure, there are fun bags a-plenty. But would you… nay COULD you… endure the cuntiness that ensues from that stern entitled brow?

  9. [img][/img]

  10. Frank Castle

    Time is the fire in which we burn…

  11. The boobs can’t fool me. She’s an awful woman.

  12. lily

    looks like she has a 2nd degree burn.

  13. donkylicks

    and we can see here Ms. Heigl only moments before being run down by defendant Bynes.

  14. Emma Watson's Vagina

    way better than Jessica Simpson.

  15. anonym

    looks like a 45 year old who had some plastic surgery

  16. Carolyn

    Probably Botoxed for all those cigarettes she smokes.

  17. suck it

    Where is the obligatory pearl necklace joke?

  18. She is a pageant mom.

  19. MisterSuccint

    “Yes, I am Audrey Hepburn!
    … She’s what now?”

  20. Gary Grant

    It’s sad she was at her hottest in My Father, the Hero.

  21. jt

    geezus. she’s looks 60. what the hell happened to her. i mean besides the spray on tan, the pounds of make-up and the 50′s do.

  22. Nate

    all the haters, you know you would hit it if you ever had a chance not that you will

  23. Martina

    a lot better than I expected …

  24. I’ve always liked her and it saddens me that she is thought to be such a cunt. And as much as I like her, I gotta agree that she doesn’t seem to be aging well. It all started when she married some other guy instead of me…

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