1. *Hides under the bed, stifling screams of horror.*

  2. The dude (I think) on the left looks like a metrosexual version of James Hetfield….

    • Mia

      You think? You really can’t tell that the short-haired person with facial hair wearing pants & a sports jacket on the left is a dude? Don’t know what kind of women you’re used to, but there’s nothing even remotely feminine about Isaac Hanson in that picture.

  3. catapostrophe

    A dingo ate Taylor’s right leg.

  4. Animal

    Three shades of gay.

  5. Played by Stephen Baldwin, Orlando Bloom, and Jude Law.

  6. me

    One became a backstreet boy, other became a girl and the last lost a foot! lots happens despite popular belief!

  7. The soccer mom in the middle would be hot if she was wearing a skirt.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    The original Jonas Brothers, complete with questionable heterosexuality.

  9. EricLr

    Sing Stayin’ Alive!

  10. “I’ll take Pics of Three Guys Straighter Than Travolta for $200, Alex”

  11. Is it sad that I know too much about these guys? One has like, 6 kids and another one was fat, and they still make albums…

    • Anna

      do you buy them?:)

      • No ma’am! I’m just too informed, that’s my downfall.

      • Mia

        No, your downfall is that you make decisions based on preconceived notions instead of real knowledge. You obviously haven’t listened to any of Hanson’s post-puberty records or you would know that they are a very talented band who puts out quality music. Unless you don’t have an ear for music, of course, but if so you really should state that so everyone knows not to trust your judgment about music.

        Also, none of them have 6 kids. Taylor currently has 4 kids with a 5th on the way, and Isaac and Zac have 2 each.

    • itz

      with what you just said I’m pretty sure the rest of the HANSON community is laughing at you know…hahaha…so funny you are too confident to say you know alot about HANSON yet you don’t even know how many kids they have..haha..ley me ask my fellow Fanson if one of them really has kids..stop making fun of yourself and try to have a little research before posting it..BITCH!

  12. There IS a bright side: they’re in the serial killer capital of Australia!

  13. colebaby

    obscurity at its finest

  14. reddevil

    Taylor has a bulge…but it’s no Jon Hamm bulge….

  15. Clearly, they’re all still livin’ large on all that “Mmmbop” money.

  16. lori

    I love Hanson!! Rock on Hanson!! :-)

  17. my nigga on the rite only has one leg thumbs up to get my nigga a leg

  18. Suckit Trebek

    It’s nice to see those girls all grow up!

  19. That’s not Zac..that’s Zacquey! She prefers the latter since the transition.

  20. Blech

    ♪♫ MMMBop… ♪♫

    Genius. Now I know what video to annoy a friend on FB with later…

  21. mbcl

    Photo of new supergroup Hetfield Mellencamp and Tesh

  22. Slow Eddie

    From the thumbnail I thought the one in the middle was James May from BBC Top Gear.

  23. rican

    You in the middle, Edie Falco wants her hair back!

  24. Bee Gees Redux, Mother Fuckers!

  25. leeyan

    Taylor has the most kids, and he currently has 4, with his wife carrying the 5th. No one has 6 babies. And yes, they still make albums, and we’re still here, alive to support them, you fools!

  26. itzchezsa

    proud FANSON for life!!!
    to those who have been saying bad things bout HANSON you better make sure you are way better than HANSON..
    and for those who loves HANSON then and now and who will always support them no matter what happens..*high five!*..:)

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