1. For some reason all I can think of are Ice Cube lyrics. Shrug.

  2. Animal

    She’s ok, though I am concerned about the missing nipple.

  3. Gary Grant

    I think she is about to make a right turn.

  4. More like a B-/C+.

  5. “Yo Eddie…checks late bitch!!”

  6. It’s the face that turns you off.

  7. Contusion

    That’s scary. No…really. It is.

  8. lily

    are those real?

  9. kravdan

    Eddie dumped her when he found out she wasn’t a tranny…

  10. The Pope

    “Eh, the right is a little lower than the left. How are your’s hanging?”

  11. Bigalkie

    Smelly Spice

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