1. She’s still hot and he’s still rich =12 year marriage going strong!

  2. joe

    He looks pretty good for a dead guy.

  3. Joe Estevez! Love your work, man!

  4. If you zoom into his glasses, there are only two other people standing on the street. That’s either adorably sad or sadly adorable.

  5. JennywithaY

    Have you met my daughte – I’m sorry, I meant my wife! Ha ha. I slip sometimes!

  6. He has the pussiest cancer ever. How hard can it be to kill this guy?

  7. She’s still stunned that he’s alive. Dammit! Should have been offed before I struck him with cancer!

  8. Park

    Either she snorted cocaine from his shoulder or he has a severe case of dandruff…

  9. donkylicks

    Ladies and gentlemen I present you with the ghost of Kirk Douglas

  10. She’s still fucking hot. She hit the jackpot with this guy. she’ll never have to work again. Just stay sexy.

  11. tlmck

    Is that Michael or the ageless clone she had made.

  12. 805fatty

    “I still get to fuck her and you don’t” – MD

  13. dfg

    The sad thing is that this dead guy bangs more hot girls than I do alive.

  14. SimoneDeB

    “Sponsored by Pfizer”

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