1. Don’t worry, if the brunette tries anything Justin’s body will naturally block it.

  2. Marcy Darcy’s all “Eew! Random girl mouth. Mommy!”

  3. catapostrophe

    “OMG! Cooties!”

  4. Mr. Poop

    “Gross, girls! I love PENIS, not girls!”

  5. Bonky

    This picture needs a “Ewww…cooties !” thought bubble.

  6. EricLr

    The smell of perfume on a woman kissing you is awesome.

    The smell of acne cream and grape candy? No so much.

  7. Ana


  8. Good thing we don’t censor lesbian love on this site.

  9. Beaver Underground

    Well, we know what Bieber did that night. Kept waking up in cold sweat screaming: It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!

  10. Suck it up, Justin. Just pretend it’s Robert Pattinson.

  11. Crissy

    Ack!!!!! bitch is gonna ruin my makeup!

    • Marlyn

      Way too much makeup. What the hell is going on this kid? I always thought people were just talking smack but I totally get it now…he really is gay, huh?

  12. Contusion

    Ewww girls.

  13. fucktards

    ewwww girls!

  14. Damn, lesbians are hot.

  15. ThisWillHurt

    A kiss on the mouth would have smeared Justin’s lipstick

  16. “Ew! Icky! Icky! Icky! Icky! Get her off! Get her off! Get her off! Get her off!

  17. tlmck

    I wish he would just come out as a girl already and crush his millions of fans.

  18. Biff

    Man..what I’d do to trade ages and places with that pos.

  19. gillian

    Their hands are identical

  20. Bionic_Crouton

    “What a Pussy!” – Selena Gomez

  21. Vlad

    IT BURNS!!!!

  22. Bigalkie

    Gross.. It looks like he let a straight guy put on his makeup.

  23. dfg

    Who are these two chicks? Lesbians?

  24. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    Nothing like a little girl-on-girl action to spice up TS’s Crap We MIssed slide-through.

  25. NOT the Mommy

    Ha ha ha…it totally looks like he’s getting cooties.

  26. Alice Pooper

    back the fuck off bitch!

  27. meeps!

    Samantha Ronson looks GREAT!

  28. Holy shit, her arm is bigger than his. What is she, 14?

  29. Geenie

    He looks like a 10 year old girl with a short hair cut!!

  30. Josie

    He’s probably thinkin “Ewww get this chick away from me! She has cooties!”

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