1. At least she’s given up on the black cumshot over her eye – it’s progress.

  2. Here’s Your Photo Paper Ms Ke$ha!

  3. EricLr

    According to her legs, the world is going to end in 2012.

  4. UJ

    I bet that crack in the sidewalk is looking up at the ugliest crack its ever seen.

  5. InkyBlack

    Has she been to Chris Brown’s tattooist?

  6. I can see 6 people in this photo. I have no idea which one is Ke$ha. I’m pretty comfortable with that.

  7. tlmck

    Mormon looks like a fun religion.

    • Pilly

      Have you ever been on that free tour in Hawaii? They take you there, and then the so called international show doesn’t start for a couple of hours later, so you are their prisoner, and then they try to brainwash you, and feed you some crap that is probably laced with who knows what. Whatever you do in your life don’t go on it.

  8. Improved. She looks only 60 now.

  9. Vlad

    Out of my way nerd!

    Ohh, my photo paper!

  10. Bigalkie

    Keisha should be careful dressing like that. Her cock could slip out.

  11. Joaquin ingles

    At least her “ass” is hidden.

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