1. “Black shoes, black nylons, black belt, black shirt, black coat, black bag, and to top it all off one blueberry hat out of Alice in Wonderland. I’m ready.”

  2. Sad face soul patch FTW!

  3. Cock Dr

    I like the hat. Looks warm.

  4. Gin&Tonic

    so she’s wearing pantyhose under a layer of tights? really worried about something falling out?

  5. InkyBlack

    Marilyn Manson’s looking a lot better nowadays.

  6. EricLr

    Wow, is it Halloween already?

  7. UJ

    This is what gatling guns were created for.

  8. This is ridiculous. Stores keep bringing out their Halloween gear earlier and earlier. Enough!

  9. B&WMinstrel

    If Al Capone was gay

  10. Cher has just created a new acronym for us:
    VDL (Visible Depends Line)

  11. Kid wanting the autograph is obviously confused – socks with sandals,man. Ew.

  12. Are those Goth depends I see through the slacks?

  13. it had to be said

    Steven Tyler, just stop already.

  14. “If I could turn back time…I’d probably pay more attention to my daughter”

  15. Crissy

    Marylin Dude, put some makeup on!

  16. Kojak

    I see Paul Stanley. Where is Gene Simons?

  17. tlmck

    To save time, Cher decides to get embalmed now.

  18. Martina

    this is a funeral procession, right?

  19. Stuart Goldbloom

    She’s jumped the goth shark

  20. reddevil

    less gay than travolta

  21. Carolyn

    god but she looks awful.

  22. Suckit Trebek

    Sean Penn, why the long face?

  23. Bionic_Crouton

    Did they close down another methadone clinic?

  24. sousvide

    good god.

  25. Vlad

    when you start looking like your worst impressionist, it’s time to call it a career.

  26. cc

    Dr Suess’ latest undiscovered work…’The Twat in the Hat’.

  27. jt

    mommy, boy george looks funny.

  28. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Looks like Cher shopped at Jamiroquai’s garage sale.

  29. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    “Got canned heat in my heels tonight!”

  30. SimoneDeB

    After all these years, Boy George finally got a sex change.

  31. Josie

    lol didnt kno halloween came early this yr

  32. arnieblackblack

    ‘Wagon wheel watusi, wagon wheel watusi…”

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