1. Still better than Guy Pearce.

  2. Drawstring pants : easier to accomidate that expanding gut

  3. Animal

    His hips are fabulous.

  4. EricLr

    You’ve been hanging out with Zach Galifianakis, haven’t you?

  5. Colin

    There should be a Law against wearing that in public.

  6. B&WMinstrel

    I Am Dreadful, Just Dreadful… I Am The Law!

  7. Sucking in your cheeks like that won’t help that belly of yours.

  8. Shhh, you guys! He’s trying to infiltrate the Russell Brand gang.

  9. I didn’t even know he was pregnant.

  10. RobN

    Man, he looked so good in The 300.

  11. Suckit Trebek

    “Don’t ask don’t tell policy”

  12. Juju

    PREG- I meant… Oh. Mh.

  13. Vlad

    The swagger one can only get when wearing really comfortable pants

  14. cc

    Hell if Christopher Walken can do it at TIFF…

  15. Roseanne Barr

    Where do I start??? The belly or the ugly green pants??

  16. He’s still wearing the shirt Russell Brand gave him from earlier today.

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