1. Qmak

    “Cuba, they are going to send an email asking you to do Boat Trip 2. Whatever you do…DON’T open it. Don’t do it.”

  2. He’s pretending to be listening, but he’s actually playing Angry Birds. ACTING!

  3. Joey Buttafucker

    Yes, that’s me in the picture, and for $2000 I’ll let you do that to me, too.

  4. Better Monkey

    Yes, that’s me in the picture, and for $2000 you can do that to me, too.

    Will you do it for a $200 and a Subway gift card?

    Who do you think you are, Michael Phelps?

  5. joe

    If you want me to stay the night, show me the money.

  6. henry hill

    fashion is SO IMPORTANT.

  7. caley

    “Terrence Howard’s on the phone…he says he’s not buying you anymore Christmas or Birthday presents.”

  8. CptCreep

    “Cuba, one of my tits just deflated faster than your career.”

  9. Thanks for posting a photo of a hot looking man. It’s about damn time.

  10. He should give back that Oscar. He’s the Milli Vanilli of acting

  11. “I’m ready to go. Please bring the car to the front entrance.”

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