1. Omg the things I would do to this woman

  2. I'mCool

    Ski boots and a wet suit? make up your mind.

  3. Joe Blow

    How the fuck did she get those jeans on?

  4. She’s already a dancer, so isn’t that unfair to the rest of the contestants?

  5. Lord have mercy.

  6. I am a straight female and I can’t stop staring at her – her everything – ass, legs, boobs, face… i can almost feel myself morphing into a guy just so i could think of the things i would do to her.

  7. walk around Harlem or the Bronx and you see one of these cows with a generic face every block.

    • What the fuck are you talking about? She’s not a cow, nor does she have a generic face. You’re just saying that stuff to hide your homosexuality, which is why, I suspect, you walk around Harlem and the Bronx.

    • Youre obviously are not from the Bronx, if you were you’d be up all on that. Girls who look like this is the reason I miss living in NYC….what generic face?

      Looks like Gumption needs his mothers face to get a hard on…

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