1. Spleen

    He makes Keith Richards look like the picture of health.

  2. He’s looked the same for the last 78 years.

  3. EricLR

    When he does die, there is going to be a long debate among a lot of doctors as to whether or not to call it.

  4. The Stones are still touring the US?

  5. alex

    A repo man is always intense.

  6. #1 draft pick for Dead Pool 2014

  7. rican

    Madonna caught without make up does not look happy.

  8. Kramer looks like shit.

  9. Tommy

    “You look great. You looka baby face, uh”

  10. henry hill

    Looks like he never made it out of the Re-education Camp from Red Dawn. “Avenge me boys, Avengeeeee, meeeeee!”

  11. I'mCool

    Eww, that’s gross. That was the suit jacket they buried him in.

  12. Holy shit. That’s all I have to say. Holy shit.

  13. He looks like an extra from “Night of the Living Dead”

  14. Bullwinkle Moosie

    Go for the brain! Anywhere else won’t kill it… Jeebus save us from the undead..

  15. “So, in retrospect, when Indy told me to look away, I should have.”

  16. Ok who ever needs to throw up, imagine what his penis looks like. I’ll hold your hair back.

  17. When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not, hmm?

  18. whatever

    he looks like the c word and the d word

  19. in Benjamin Button years, he’s really only 5 years old.

  20. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Greatest ‘missed-casting’ ever re his not being in World War Z.

  21. I absolutely love his shirt.

  22. I am pretty confident he will outlive us all.

  23. Seriously, wasn’t he wearing that exact same shit in last week’s TCWM pic?

  24. Can only be stopped by the act of bodily dismemberment

  25. Man.. I’ve looked better.

  26. martina


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