1. Not enough lysol to clean that chair.

  2. Ronaldo

    15 seconds of fame, down to its last second……….GONE

  3. Her date seems less concerned about the news crews seeing him than he is about getting a refund if those sweaty thighs aren’t wrapped around him in the next 5 minutes.

  4. EricLR

    Her agent is checking his 15-minute stopwatch app.

  5. If the camera angle was a bit lower, I’d be able to read her HIV test result.

  6. desiree

    what a slob, I wonder if she will get an HIV test again

  7. thecrazybetty

    I’m sure she figured kim kardashian got rich and famous this way so why not? it’s the same thing Courtenay Stodden is thinking too. pathetic nasty ho’s

  8. When will this disgusting woman go away? I don’t even want to see her pornos, that how much I dislike her.

  9. What strikes me odd is that she was campaigning against Weiner, as if she were totally unaware of the fact that she is only as relevant as he is. And by ‘is’ i mean ‘was’. A fame whore who attempts to kill her own relevance is one dumb fame whore.

    • Doug Hutchinson

      But … but … she’s a Celebrity now!
      If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!
      Next stop: her talk show, her lingerie line, her book. And probably Hollywood too. Sky’s the limit!
      Hey, where’d everybody go?

  10. Jade

    CNN interviewing a nasty and immature fame whore. This is why I can’t watch news anymore.

  11. “I’m out at the park with so.. daughter, whatever. Hold the camera LOWER.”

  12. am i nuts or is it no coincidence that an HIV whore goes to NYC on Sept 11 with twin towers for legs?

  13. I presume she has to twist to face those reporters because her thighs are stuck to the chair.

  14. whatever

    it’s all about angles with that whore, not many poses she can pull off, looking good at all, or then the ‘good’ photos of her are photoshopped the hell out of

    • Dude – to use the term “whore” is a little extreme to apply to a woman you don’t know yourself, and to your personal knowledge doesn’t sell her body, despite what you may believe about her character. You seem a little out of sorts for no reason. If photos of semi nude women upset you why hell are you visiting this site? Are you sure you don’t have some teen-agers tied up to the water heater in your basement, or are you in reality, Kim Kardashian?

  15. Her last name is “Leathers”. After seeing her vagina in that video, she is quite possibly the first person in the history of porn whose actual name was the most apt name for their porn career.

  16. “I object to being called a fame whore! I did it for money and to become famous!”
    “That’s a fame whore!”
    “Oh…next question please.”

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