1. Is “zuma” his name, or the noise he makes when he motorboats those things?

  2. EricLR

    Man, they grow up into insufferable spoiled douchebags so fast.

  3. “Mommy, milk.”

  4. Lose the smile, kid. Just because she’ll rub those in your face, doesn’t mean you need to rub it in ours.

  5. “Alright honey, just ONE lick…but hurry up, before the paparrazzi sees!”

  6. I didn’t know her kid was South African.

  7. I wanna make a joke that includes the words, “Zuma zoom zoomed on those boom booms” but, I don’t know, my heart’s just not in it

  8. I know how ya’ feel, kid.

  9. fred

    “I know. My mom totally has a nicer rack than people give her credit for, right? They are right about my dad though. He’s a wanker.”

  10. Kid, you got a long future of not bringing your friends home because they all want to fuck your Mom.

  11. (unrelated to Stefani Pic)
    okay, is anyone else on the superficial sick of seeing that disgusting thumbnail of the hag in the red bikini bending over as you scroll down to the comments? FUCK

  12. heey

    yeah, kids at school and life in the future wont tease him about that photo forever and ever and ever

  13. tito

    I heard the paps always take pics of her with Zuma but never with Mentos or Chewbacca II because the other kids are afraid of the cameras.

  14. martina

    Mommy, what’s anal sex?

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