1. Ronaldo

    His rotting carcass is starting to smell.

  2. Someone needs a diapy change!

  3. EricLR

    It’s part of Terry Richardson’s new photo installation: “Old Man Shits Pants.”

  4. “Ahhhhchooo! Sorry honey, my death allergy is REALLY acting up today!”

  5. I'mCool

    Larry, it’s not necessary to take the shirt out of the garment bag as soon as you get to your hotel room, but for God’s sake do it before you get down to the lobby.

  6. “Fucking die already!”

    Cough cough

    what dear?

    Oh nothing.

  7. Madonna's Testicles

    He feels “hip”.

    E.T. Returns

  8. fred

    Even his jackets have suspenders.

  9. That looks like the spot where Bobby Kennedy was shot. I think Larry was old back then too.

  10. caley

    “Was that you, Larry? Or Bronson Pinchot in drag behind you?”

  11. Yep, embalming fluid smells terrible.

  12. blerg

    Larry Motherfucking King has the best coke.

  13. Sara

    Larry’s farts smell like cat food, broken dreams, and mummies…

  14. “I’m sorry that I keep laughing Larry… Go ahead and tell me again how you are gonna ‘Wreck me sexually’.”

  15. crb

    “Wait. Where am I again?”

  16. “Larry, if you swat me on the nose with a rolled up newspaper EVER again, I will divorce you so hard it will register on the Richter Scale.”

  17. martina

    two words …. community property

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