1. Instagram. Making average girls feel sexy since 2010.

  2. anonym

    woman. stop instagramming and go make me a sandwich

  3. Gwyneth Paltrow and People magazine or whatever can suck it.

  4. Man, I’m getting sick of you constantly posting this chick..


    IT WAS A JOKE, Stop with the STABBING! AGGH!

  5. It seems like every damn day this Kelly Brook chick is on this site.

    Keep up the good work, Fish

  6. The Pope

    Impressive. But it’s not Penelope Cruz topless on a beach showing off her big ol’ post-pregnancy titties. So fuck you Photo Boy.

  7. blerg

    Like a younger, thinner Deanna Troi …

  8. Is John Hamm’s penis on hiatus? Is Alexander Skarsgard hibernating somewhere in colder climes due to the summer heat? Joe Montagliano does not go to the beach scantily clad and sun himself? Are photos of Shawn Connery in his dotage, visiting a tennis match in his shorts, the best you can offer women? I demand that this vile, whoredog of a website provide equal opportunity for women offer up sexist comments about hot men. Now chop, chop Fish. Bring me the photos of Joe Montagliano sunning himself slathered in oil on a beach, wearing a speedo, on a sliver platter. And do be quick about it or you’ll get the horns.

    • MORE PEEN IN 2013!
      MORE PEEN IN 2013!

      • Yessssss! Joe Montagliano most definitely turns my crank. Ladies??? Joe may not be your particular man but I suspect there are a host of them that are (but he has to be close). Time to demand, as Chereth Cutestory demands, MORE PEEN IN 2013! Looking at Ireland Baldwin’s ass is becoming wearying, and I am, most definitely a major female sexist. So, Fish, dish up the Man Sex with all due speed before women lose all interest. Please become the Progressive, Equal Opportunity Sexist you were meant to be… while you have women’s full throated support.

      • Skarsgard… mmmmmm

      • Joe M is a bit too Planet of the Apes for my taste. However, there have been a couple Cumberbatch photos of late, which makes up for his inclusion on here, and pretty much everything else. Except maybe the overabundance of Miley, Rihanna, and Lindsay.

        Now if we can just get some more BC, some Hiddleston, some McAvoy, and some Tennant, I’ll be good. I like my men how I like my tea – hot, pale, and British.

        I am, however, fully on board with More Peen 2013™.

    • Joe Mantegna? Whatever turns your crank, I guess.

    • Fine… email me and I’ll send you all my male version of nip slip pics. Yes, that’s right, I have a personal collection of my personal tip slip pics. You know, in case I get famous for something sometime. Never be unprepared.

      • malaka

        i’m not really gay or anything, call me old fashioned, but if i were homo, bi, or pan-sexual,
        i would really like to see some more of prince or patrick stewart.
        (don’t judge me!)

        good to hear from all you horny girls by the way.

  9. Although Kelly Brook – and I say this as a straight girl: HUBBA HUBBA.

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